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Matthew Townsend
Managing Broker

Matthew Townsend

Managing Broker

Here’s how I can help...

~  Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex ~ Free Appraisals Gladly.

~ If you are an experienced landlord and own larger apartment buildings, please call me as three key elements of my practice and Windermere Commercial may surprise you, an unexpected compliment and contrast to traditional commercial r.e. companies.  Cap Rates, NOI, ROI, DCR, old war horse and 50+ year Seattle resident still lives here, still cares about these streets, your tenants, and your ultimate investment return.

~ Land and New Homes.  Are you deeply certain that r.e. developer mailing buy-your-property letters has your best interests at heart?  Study your hand before you play cards...

~ Gentle Homeowners, Retirees, Tenants and Civilians - I'm here to answer questions, provide info & insight.

~ All Counties / All Kinds:  Land in Chelan or seaside Skagit, strip malls & mixed use, your aunt's old house in West Seattle: I know good agents! The finding an outstanding broker for your location, your property type and goals benefits from study and skill. Well traveled Washingtonian has three decades of real instinct & industry contacts.

~ WHAT'S THE VERY BEST OUTCOME for your real estate long term... What's an easy first step...?